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2023 in Review
Audience at Lecture

2023 Summit Recap

Key Reflections

The 2023 Summit was a massive success. We held our first ever research proposal pitch competition, where representatives from seven different research programs pitched their best ideas of how they could use seed grants, funded by the VTRL, to produce early phase research utilizing their research expertise in the veteran transition context. In addition to the pitch competition, we had presentations from our academic, policy and advocacy, and industry partners. 


Attendance more than doubled from our first annual summit with leaders within their respective industries:

Change Leadership Breakout

Individuals from participating corporations, government agencies, and veteran servicing organizations discussed the

theory to practice applications of the work presented by the research team to drive meaningful change across industry and through government agencies.

Academic Breakout

The research team led a discussion among leaders from other academic institutions. In the breakout session, there was an opportunity to dive deeper into the work presented to the summit at large, provide feedback, and brainstorm new ideas.

Toy Brain

The event would have not been a success without our sponsors. Beyond the financial support, these sponsors engaged with the attendees and laid the foundation for a platform of deep learning. 


There were various topics to attend from keynote speakers with diverse backgrounds. Some of the presentations include:

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